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Schoolwide Expectations

Loreto Dolphins remember the three Be's:

  1. Be Responsible
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Empowered
Loreto Street School Discipline Policy

The entire staff at Loreto Street School believes in establishing an atmosphere throughout the school in which children will feel safe, secure, and happy in order to have a maximum opportunity to learn.


In order to accomplish this goal we have developed a School Wide Discipline Plan.  The plan is based on three principals:


  1. Be Respectful:

Loreto students respect themselves and others.

  1. Be Responsible:

Loreto students are responsible for their behavior.

  1. Be Empowered:

Loreto students are empowered to make responsible decisions and seek positive solutions to conflict.


Playground rules:

  1. Follow directions from supervisors.
  2. Treat all adults and friends with respect.
  3. Walk onto the playground safely.
  4. Stay in designated areas.
  5. Use equipment for its intended purpose.
  6. Line up at yellow flag by walking from play area.
  7. Request a bathroom pass before leaving the yard.
  8. Use words to solve problems or seek assistance from an adult on supervision.


Building rules:

  1. Walk in all classrooms and corridors.
  2. Stay on your right in corridors and stairs.
  3. Keep belongings at your side.
  4. Open doors slowly and carefully.
  5. Always have a hall pass.


Cafeteria rules:

  1. Follow directions from supervisors.
  2. Speak softly.
  3. Use good manners while eating food. 
  4. Stay at lunch table until dismissed.
  5. Walk calmly through the lunch lines.
  6. Ask permission before leaving the area.



Developed by Loreto Discipline Committee 2008-2009/Presented to LSLC 2/09

LAUSD School Climate Bill of Rights